Ryan Amador

by Ryan Amador

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Album Release Concert @ Joe's Pub in NYC: June 28th @ 9:30pm


released June 28, 2013

"Ryan Amador"
Produced by David Baloche
All songs written by Ryan Amador for Woofsongs Music (ASCAP)
Except "Ballad of the Young," written by Ryan Amador & Michael Weisner

Recorded by David Baloche at Grove Street Studios
Guitars for "Skylark" & "Madness" recorded by Douglas Widick at the J-Pod
Drums for "It's Possible/I Love You", "Redemption", "Pageant" & "Madness" recorded by Christopher Hoffman at Hundred Pocket Records

Mixed by Chris Camilleri
Except "Define Me" mixed by David Baloche
Mastered by Drew Cappotto

Creative Direction by Jenny Koons & Ryan Amador
Photography by Shervin Lainez
Cover Design by Cameron Bird
Packaging Design by

Ryan Amador - vocals, piano
David Baloche - keyboard, trumpet, drums, additional vocals
Douglas Widick - guitar
Mason Lee - cello
Angela Sclafani, Josephine Spada, & Maggie Thompson - additional vocals

Ryan Amador - vocals, piano
Mason Lee - cello

Ryan Amador - vocals, piano
Andrew "A-Flock" Flockhart - vocal percussion
Sammy Miller - drums
David Baloche, Amanda Shechtman, Rahm Silverglade, & Ben Yahr - additional vocals

Ryan Amador - vocals
Kiah Victoria - vocals
David Baloche - keyboard, piano, sound effects
Andrew Martin & Amanda Shechtman - additional vocals

Ryan Amador - vocals
David Baloche - vocals
Sammy Miller - drums
Mason Lee - cello
David Mizzoni, Amanda Shechtman & Ben Yahr - additional vocals

Ryan Amador - vocals, piano
David Baloche, Andrew Martin & Amanda Shechtman - additional vocals

Ryan Amador - vocals
Michael Weisner - guitar
David Baloche - additional guitar
Alex Thrailkill - banjo
Melissa Lehman, Luke Marinkovich, Andrew Martin, Dave Mizzoni, Amanda Shechtman, Ben Yahr - additional vocals

Ryan Amador - vocals
David Baloche - guitar, piano, trumpet, percussion, additional vocals
Melissa Lehman - additional vocals

Ryan Amador - vocals, piano
Amanda Shechtman - vocals
David Baloche - guitar, additional vocals
Sammy Miller - drums
Mason Lee - cello

Ryan Amador - vocals, piano
Josephine Spada - vocals
David Baloche - keyboard, additional vocals
Doug Widick - guitar
Sammy Miller - drums
Mason Lee - cello
Angela Sclafani - additional vocals

Ryan Amador - vocals
Jo Lampert - vocals
David Baloche - piano

Thank you to the endless amounts of fans, followers, and families who have supported my work over the years; if only there was enough room to mention each and every one of you. Thank you so much, I owe it all to you. To David, I can't thank you enough for this album. It really was a true gift. Without you my work could not exist. Thank you for your devoted time, your patience, and your endless innovation. To Jenny, my symbiotic sidekick, thank you for contributing your refined tastes and opinions to this record, and for your love and laughter on a daily basis. To Willie, thank you for dealing with the countless hours of insanity, for being the muse for this album, and for giving me your heart and loving mine. To the true divas of New York City: Josie, Angela, Amanda, Melissa, Kiah, Jo, Ben, Andrew, Dave, Luke & Rahm, thank you for offering me your soul-bearing voices, your mystical vessels into the human condition; YOU MADE THIS RECORD. To Doug, Alex, Sammy, Mason, Andrew "A-Flock" & Michael, thank you for jumping into this work without question, and for your professionalism and permeability. To Chris, for your energy & enthusiasm at a much needed time in the process. To Maggie, thank you so much for your hospitality, for your patience, and for your infinite support throughout this long and difficult process, you made a house a home for us. Dad, thank you for supporting me selflessly without question for all these years; I can only aspire to be as generous a man as you. Mom, thank you for your continued emotional intelligence, and for biting your tongue even when I know it's not easy. RJ, thank you for graciously offering wisdom, guidance, and an extraordinarily high standard. And to all wide eyed beings, young and old, who feel insecure or undermined for who they are, I thank you for your individuality, ask that you learn to talk to people, educate them, and find strength in community. Thank you.

Copyright 2013 Ryan Amador


all rights reserved



Ryan Amador

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Track Name: Skylark
The skylark says I'm older now cause I've been living alone - That no matter how hard I try I can't make my old house a home - But I said I knew myself best when I was young - And I thought I'd use the rest to keep my home-grown - And he said, "Little battles came and went" - "And my memories laid to rest" - "But the time you spent a kid" - "Leaves you broken in" - The skylark says I can't go back to the old days - That time must pass and every life runs a rapid pace - But I thought I'd squeezed that illusion dry - But in my memories I've kept the dead days alive - And it said, "Little battles bring you home" - "But it's time to let them go" - "And the way you stay on that vagabond train is by getting on board" - "So get right on boy" - "And say ooh skylark call my name and rest my head in shame" - "Say ooh skylark give me grace I'm falling on my way" - Little battles came and went - And my memories laid to rest - But the time I spent a kid - Leaves me broken in - And the hardest part of life - Is the rate we move through time - And the only way you can stay alive - Is through the art of getting by - The art of love and the art fight - The art of good ones by your side - The art of striving to survive - And say ooh skylark call my name and rest my head in shame - And say ooh skylark give me grace, I'm falling on my way
Track Name: Madness
Find myself unable of backing off - Need my mind to get high on all your love - But I'm sure that I'll never get enough - Break my bones to do everything for you - Sell my soul whenever you ask me to - And I won't take anything but love - And even on my busy way - I see you all the time - With your coat thrown over your shoulder like such - And when you're gone, I go insane - And you're impossible to find - And even though it's madness - It really feels tragic now - Cause when I can't have you - Then what can I do? - Cause I'm crazy for your love - And when I can't have you - Then what can i do - Cause I'm crazy for you now - Home all alone and I try to pass the time - Wide awake, and I dream of just your smile - I don't know why, I can't get enough of you - Standing at your corner reading poetry - If I can't see your face then I don't want to be here - No, it's not worth the hold up - And even when you work all day - I'm trying hard to lie and say that I'm doing my thing, yeah I'm fine, no I'm fine, don't you worry about me - Cause possibly I'm robbing you of all the things you've got to do - I'm committing my crime and it's madness I tell you - Madness - But I gotta have it now - Cause when I can't have you - Then what can I do? - Cause I'm crazy for your love - And when I can't have you - Then what can I do? - Cause I'm crazy for you now - Stop no I can't stop no I can't stop - Cause I can't get enough, no I cannot - And even when I lose my mind - I know you're close behind - You're at my side in a blinking eye, every time - And even if the roads are blocked - I know you'll be my guide - Cause even though I'm madness - I know you love to have our life - I know you love to have our life - I know you love to have our life - And when I can't have you - Then what can I do? - Cause I'm crazy for your love - And when I can't have you, then what can i do - I'm crazy for you now - I'm crazy for you now - I'm crazy for now

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